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Our Story...

Punk Box is a perfect union between Amy and Bree of Allegedly Records and Cassie of Ska Box

When Allegedly Records first launched in November of 2020, they worked closely with Ska Box to produce exclusive compilations. From this partnership, the idea of Punk Box was born.
Amy, Bree, and Cassie have each worked in the music industry for a number of years and are all huge supporters of their  respective local punk scenes.  Coming together to provide this service, while helping bands reach a larger group of fans felt like the natural next step. 

Who We Are...

Amy Brady
Co-Founder; Director of Purchasing and Social Media Coordinator

Amy communicates directly with bands and other contributors to ensure that each box is filled with fresh new merch and represents a variety of interests from within the scene. Amy is also responsible for keeping our social media accounts active and up-to-date. In addition to Punk Box, Amy is also a co-owner of Allegedly Records, and Beyond the Pit PR. 

Bree McMullen
Co-Founder; Director of Curation and Shipping

Bree packs each box for each customer every month, taking care to ensure that each subscriber never receives duplicate merch. She is known for the extra, personal touches she puts into each box. Bree also ensures that all orders are shipped on time, and are happily received by our subscribers. Bree also owns Punk Around and Find Out, co-owns 
Allegedly Records, and is a founder of the Scene to Scene Co-op. 

Cassie Pierce
Co-Founder; Director of Organization Management and Public Relations

Cassie works hard behind the scenes to keep business running smoothly. She coordinates with Bree and Amy to ensure that supplies are kept in stock, marketing tactics are effective and that we are staying within budget. Cassie is also responsible for all facets of Public Relations. In addition to Punk Box, Cassie also owns Ska Box.

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